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applied behavioral science studio

questioning what we
do and
understanding how we  
use and 

We are a behavioral science studio dedicated to finding friendly and engaging ways to mobilize and connect organizations with people.


We design and implement usable products, actions, tools and services that are the result of combining Behavioral Science, Diversity,

Equity and Inclusion (DEI),

Communication and Design. 

Sustainable changes by understanding behaviors

the main fields of our experience

Civic, community and organizational participation
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
Conservancy and sustainability practices

Ways of collaboration

what our services look like

Load and

    Learn by doing workshops

    Advisory workshops

Designing and Deploying Behavioral Change Actions


Comms material

Experience and service maps

Strategy and roadmaps to enable collective behaviors

Data Analysis and Research

User and context research: AI models, deep learning, and semantic trees.

Bias and Analysis context

User persona design

Narrative analysis

We design knowing that behaviors are NOT isolated
(our method)

Most behaviors are the result of systemic connections. Therefore, to enable and increase the feasibility that intents become real actions, we need to consider these other factors. At least the most critical to overcome the identified barriers.


When designing solutions, our team consider what is critical to create coherence and feasibility

  • what is the purpose of change

  • what is change

  • what action will drive change

  • what is its storytelling

  • what tools enable such actions

the community

we team up to find human-friendly ways to connect


Scientist in Behavioral Analytics and AI

Daniel Otero

I'm an Economist with a Master's degree in Engineering with a focus on Computer Science.

I have 7 years of experience in data mining, business intelligence, and analytics. I am passionate about developing algorithms that can extract added value from information and finding the best way to communicate them graphically. In addition, I enjoy finding practical solutions to complex problems.

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Scientist in Behavioral Analytics and AI

Erika Buitrago

Economist and Master in Human Scale Development and Ecological Economics, with an emphasis on impact evaluation of social programs. With 8 years of experience as a leader in research processes, data analytics, and methodologies for designing evaluation and monitoring strategies.

Has specific knowledge in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies for the design of data collection and information gathering tools (quasi-experimental and non-experimental scope, with design of traditional measurement instruments such as interviews, focus groups, surveys, discourse analysis, participatory observation; and non-traditional methods such as life histories and the Most Significant Change (CMS), among others).

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